Essential nba 2k18 guide to 99 Techniques That Work

Comprehensive NBA 2K18 controls, fundamental and State-of-the-art offense and defense, taking pictures, passing, dribbling, article Participate in, on-ball defense, off-ball protection, etcetera.

XBOX Just one


Still left Stick – Shift Participant

Correct Stick – Pro Stick: Dribble Moves / Capturing / Passing

LT – Post Up (keep) / Dribble Moves (faucet/double faucet)

RT – Sprint

LB – Phone Play (tap) / Select Management (hold)

RB – Icon Pass

A – Pass / Skip Move (keep)

B – Bounce Move (tap) / Flash Move (double tap) / Receiver Manage (hold)

X – Shoot (faucet for Pump Bogus / Hop)

Y – Overhead Skip Move (tap) / Alley-oop (double tap) / Cause Basket (hold)

Up on D-Pad – Gameplay HUD

Proper on D-Pad – Place of Emphasis

Still left on D-Pad – Offensive Methods

Down on D-Pad – Substitutions

Perspective – Timeout

Menu – Pause


Soar Shot: Press and hold X or go and hold Right Adhere (towards hoop for bank shot)

Hop Collect: Faucet X although driving (Left Adhere determines path of hop)

Spin Gather: RT and Double Faucet X while standing or driving

Runner / Floater: Shift and maintain Correct Stick clear of hoop (while driving close)

Ordinary Layup: Shift and hold Suitable Adhere towards hoop although driving (Ideal Stick decides®ion=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/NBA 2k18 guide end hand)

Reverse Layup: Transfer and hold Right Stick toward baseline (even though driving baseline)

Euro Stage Layup – Move and keep Right Adhere far from the hoop toward the off hand even though driving or double tap X whilst Keeping Remaining Stick toward the off hand.

Cradle Layup: Move and maintain Right Stick away from the hoop towards the ball hand even though driving or double tap X even though Keeping Left Adhere towards the ball hand.

2-Hand Dunk: RT + Go and maintain Right Stick toward hoop (when driving)

Flashy Dunk: RT + Move and keep Right Stick away from hoop (even though driving)

Dominant / Off-Hand Dunk: RT + Move and hold Ideal Adhere still left or ideal to dunk with that hand (when driving)

Mid-Air Modify Shot: Start dunk/layup, shift Correct Adhere in any direction though during the air

Pump Phony: Start a jump shot, then rapidly launch Ideal Stick

Action Through: Pump bogus, then push and maintain Ideal Stick once again right before pump fake ends

Putback Dunk / Layup: Shift and maintain Appropriate Adhere in any path all through an offensive rebound

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Rhythm Dribble: Move Suitable Stick towards hoop then quickly release

Out and in: RT + Shift Right Stick toward hoop then speedily release

Hesitation (Rapid): Move Appropriate Adhere towards ball hand then rapidly launch

Hesitation (Escape): RT + Shift Correct Stick toward ball hand then swiftly launch

Crossover: Shift Proper Stick toward off hand, then swiftly launch

Crossover (Escape): RT + Shift Proper Stick towards off hand, then speedily launch

In between Legs Cross: Shift Proper Stick involving off hand and participant’s back again then swiftly release

At the rear of Again: Go Right Stick clear of hoop, then swiftly release

Stepback: RT + Shift Proper Adhere away from hoop, then speedily release

Spin: Rotate Proper Adhere from ball hand around participant’s back again, then speedily return to neutral

50 percent Spin: Rotate Ideal Stick in 1 / 4-circle from ball hand to hoop, then immediately return to neutral

Triple Threat Jab: Transfer Proper Stick still left or ideal then immediately launch for a quick jab (keep RT for a hard jab)

Triple Danger Jab Then Pump Pretend: Move Appropriate Stick toward the hoop then swiftly release

Triple Menace Pump Faux Then Jab: Shift Appropriate Stick clear NBA 2K18 Controls Advanced Guide For Both PS4 & Xbox One of the hoop then promptly launch

Triple Menace Stepback: RT + Shift Appropriate Adhere faraway from hoop, then speedily release

Triple Danger Spinout: Rotate Appropriate Stick then speedily return to neutral


Move: A (Still left Adhere selects recipient)

Bounce Pass: B (Left Adhere selects receiver)

Skip Pass: Press and hold A to throw a skip move to even more absent teammates

Overhead Move: Y (Left Stick pick out recipient)

Alley Oop: Double faucet Y (Remaining Adhere selects recipient, toward basket for oop-to-self)

Cause Basket Pass: Push and hold Y (Remaining Stick select recipient) then launch to pass

Flashy Go: Double faucet B (Still left Stick choose recipient)

Receiver Control: Push and maintain B, use Still left Persist with move the selected receiver then release B to go

Icon Move: Push RB then push motion button of sought after receiver

Bogus Go: Y + B (while standing or driving)

Rolling Inbound: Y through baseline inbounds

Give and Go: Press and hold A to keep control of passer, release A to receive the ball again

Professional Stick Go: RB + Suitable Adhere


Left Adhere – Move Player

Appropriate Stick – Fingers Up / Contest / Acquire Charge

LT – Rigorous D

RT – Dash

LB – Defensive Procedures (tap) / Double Staff (keep)

RB – Icon Swap

A – Participant Swap (closest to ball)

B – Get Demand

X – Steal

Y – Block / Rebound

Up on D-Pad – Gameplay HUD

Appropriate on D-Pad – Details of Emphasis

Left on D-Pad – Defensive Sets

Down on D-Pad – Substitutions

View – Intentional Foul

Menu – Pause

ON-BALL Protection

Extreme-D: Press and maintain LT when before dribbler

Group Dribbler: Push and keep LT when near the dribbler

Quick Shuffle: Press and hold LT + RT, transfer Still left Stick in any direction

Palms Up Defense: Transfer and keep Appropriate Adhere in any course

Shot Contest: Shift and keep Ideal Stick in almost any path when close to shooter (in the course of shot)

Vertical Contest: Move and hold Remaining Adhere away from the shooter and push Y

Swat Block: Keep RT and push Y

Take Cost: Push and maintain B

Flop: While in consider charge, release B, press B

Intentional Foul: Consistently push and maintain X in close proximity to ball handler (press Perspective for Crew Intentional Foul)

Double Group: Push and keep LB

Icon Double Crew: Push LB, press and maintain the action button of desired double teamer

OFF-BALL Protection

Bump: Maintain LT although impeding the path of the offensive player

Chuck: (while standing) LT + Proper Adhere flick to offensive player

Grab: (when defender is jogging) Remaining Adhere + Suitable Stick flick to offensive player

Write-up Up / Ball Denial: Maintain LT when in the vicinity of opponent (based on distance to basket)

Deny Palms Out: Correct Adhere in any way

Ball Strain: Ideal Stick press towards ball handler

Force: LT + Remaining Adhere into defender (when posted off-ball)

Deny / Front Write-up: LT + Suitable Stick left/correct (when posted off-ball)

Pull Chair in Article: Flick Proper Adhere in same path as offensive participant (when posted off-ball)

Publish MOVES

Enter / Leave Article: Push and hold LT to publish up, release LT to faceup

Fast Spin: Rotate Right Follow outside the house shoulder

Hook Push: Rotate Right Stay with inside shoulder

Fakes: Move Appropriate Stick still left or suitable then promptly launch


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